Wednesday, June 29

Xbox will hold a festival with 35 demos on consoles from December 7 to 21

Xbox has announced through its official blog that this week start the [email protected] Winter Game Fest, a festival of demos on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One that will be part of the celebration of The Game Awards 2021 gala, an event that we can see in Spain during the early hours of December 9-10. The demo versions of this festival will start a little before the Geoff Keighley act; specifically, the demos will be available on Xbox consoles from December 7 to 21.

Users of these consoles can enjoy a total of 35 demos during the two weeks that the festival lasts. The company has clarified certain considerations so that those who download these trial versions know what they will find, such as that in some cases they are samples of games that are still in development, so they could exist bugs or inconsistencies that will be resolved in the face of the final game launch. In fact the importance of the festival also lies in the fact that the developers, most of them members of independent studios, can receive feedback of the players who try their demos.

What games will we have demos at the December Xbox Festival?

At the moment Xbox hasn’t provided a full list of demos facing this festival, but they do assure that before it begins we will have available a list of all the games that we can try from December 7 to 21. S has already given some names to keep in mind during the digital event: the demos of Loot River, Death Trash, Blacktail, The Tale of Bistun and Nobody Saves the World they will be available during the festival. It should be noted that some of these trial versions will remain in the ‘Demos’ tab of Xbox consoles, but many will simply disappear as they are intended to exist for a limited time.

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