Tuesday, July 5

Wolverine got his own Iron Man armor to hunt down the villain behind Civil War

Wolverine persuaded Iron Man to give him his own armor to hunt down the explosive villain who started the comic event of Marvel’s Civil War.

He is the best at what he does and what Glutton do your best is to hunt, even if you have to command Iron Manarmor and fight with Namor the Submarine to track the villain behind Civil war. As an iconic loner, Logan is notoriously gruff and not the easiest guy to work with. But when a quest for revenge took him deep into Atlantis in the Iron Man armor, Wolverine proved that he earned his ruthless reputation.

After the criminal Nitro uses his power to kill hundreds of people at the beginning of Marvel Civil war In the event, Wolverine is tasked with chasing him down and discovering where he got the mutant growth hormones that supercharged his powers. After more than a few setbacks, Logan comes face to face with the one thing he never expected: the Atlanteans. On Wolverine # 45 by Marc Guggenheim and Humberto Ramos, Wolverine faces his aquatic adversaries on his own turf.

After Wolverine tracks Nitro down to a small cabin alongside a SHIELD strike team, the situation quickly spirals out of control as the assassin vaporizes all of his attackers, seriously injuring Logan. As X-Man finally recovers from his skeletal form and interrogates a weakened Nitro, they are soon interrupted by the arrival of Namor and a squad of Atlanteans seeking revenge for the murder of his cousin, Namorita. Despite Logan’s best efforts, Namor’s forces bring Nitro back to Atlantis with Wolverine shortly after after borrowing one of Tony Stark’s submersible Iron Man armor. Once there, Logan confronts the king of Atlantis and his trusted soldiers, and despite struggling to get to Nitro, chooses to leave the villain in his clutches (minus one hand) after Namor points out his arrogance in invading a nation. sovereign.

While Logan eventually realizes that it is not up to him to punish Nitro for his crimes, this entire debacle really highlights just how ruthless Wolverine can be when he truly sets his sights on a goal. Not only did he follow Nitro despite Cyclops and Iron Man’s express orders, but he even came face to face with a powerhouse like Namor when he regarded the Atlantean as an obstacle. His tenacity is not only physical, as he convinces Iron Man to give him a submersible armor taking advantage of the existence of Atlantean sleeper cells.

With his set of powers, there are few enemies who can truly defeat Wolverine for good. Naturally, that kind of durability comes with an expected level of confidence, strengthening the conviction Logan is known for. But while Iron Man’s contribution helps Wolverine compete underwater, drowning is one of the few destinations that has proven to have a chance to kill him forever, and this mission shows that Logan’s warrior spirit is not just one. arrogant dependence on your healing factor. But the will to die for what you think is right

Sadly, the mission ends in disaster as Nitro breaks free and kills his jailer, forcing Logan to admit he belongs to the Atlanteans and break his word by leaving the villain in the hands of his justice. Fortunately, Namor is impressed enough by his restraint to pass on what the Atlantis jailers learn from their captive, sending him on another blood-soaked mission to kill MGH’s provider. Although he was hitting well beyond his weight class against Namor the Submarine, that did not stop Glutton to get the equipment you needed to meet your Civil war mission, even if it meant turning to Iron Man at a point where Tony Stark was loathed by much of the hero community.


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