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‘The Wheel of Time’: Is this really how Loial is supposed to be?

You can find all available episodes of The wheel of time broadcasting on Amazon Prime Video. For even more Time wheel, look at the epic series of books, also available in Audible.

If there is one thing that The wheel of time Fans may agree after watching Episode 5, “Blood Calls Blood,” is that Hammed Animashaun knocked him out of the park playing Loial, son of Arent, son of Halan. The kind and bookish Ogier is one of the most beloved characters in all of Robert Jordan’s book series and Animashaun captured the character’s spirit tremendously well. One thing Time wheel Although the fans are divided? Loial’s Sight on the Prime Video program. The character is roughly the same height as Rand al’Thor (Josha Stradowski), with curly red hair, a snub nose, and fairly normal-looking ears. Maybe it looked good to you, but Time wheel Readers may be prone to disagree.

Then should Time wheel Fans are upset by Loial’s portrayal on Prime Video The wheel of time? Or is it one of those cases where the fandom of the books has decided that a character is viewed in a certain way that is far from the author’s intention?

From Amazon The wheel of time is a loving adaptation of Robert Jordan’s long series of books for the ages 14 and up of the same name. On The wheel of time Episode 5, we follow Rand and his sick partner Mat (Barney Harris) as they arrive in the city of Tar Valon. After checking into an inn to rest, Rand visits the library where he meets a strange-looking person whom he initially mistakes for a Trolloc. In fact, it is an Ogier named Loial. Ogiers are creatures from The Wheel of Time that often remain in forest-like communities called Steddings. In the past, they were credited with being the architects and engineers behind the world’s greatest cities, buildings, and wonders. Loial is a particularly adventurous Ogier. He has left his home to travel the world and learn. This is how you know Rand in Tar Valon of all places.

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So how exactly is Loial supposed to be? Let’s go to the first written description of the character by Robert Jordan in Chapter 36 “Pattern Network” in The eye of the world:

“Later [Rand] He came out on top almost reaching the ten foot ceiling. A nose as wide as the face, so wide that it was more of a snout than a nose. Eyebrows that hung like tails, framing pale eyes as big as teacups. Ears poking to the ends with tufts through a shaggy black mane… Rand sat there for a minute with his mouth open, staring at the apparition in wide-toed knee-high boots and a dark blue coat that buttoned from the neck. up to the knees. her waist, then flared to the top of her boots like a kilt over baggy pants. In one hand was a book, which seemed tiny in comparison, with one finger wide enough for three to mark the spot.

How does Amazon’s version of Loial compare? Well, he has the “knee-high, wide-toe boots.” I’m not mad that his coat is a different color. Your book and your fingers? O’clock. The nose is quite wide, but it could be wider. Where I personally see some major discrepancies have to do with the long eyebrows, large eyes, tufted ears, and shaggy black hair. The TV show Loial has been enshrined Fraggle Rock hair, normal eyes (which I can also give a pass), and no tufted ears.

I just do not know. I just don’t know about this version of Loial’s look! I think there should at least be ears, people !!!

While I can’t help but be picky about Loial’s ears, one thing I have to say is that Hammed Animashaun killed him in his debut performance in The wheel of time. He fully embodied the character’s kindness, curiosity, and natural nobility and I can’t wait to see more. (And by ‘more’, I mean Loial’s ears. Okay, okay, I’ll stop complaining …)

Ultimately, what matters is not what Loial looks like, but rather that the character’s spirit comes to life. And Hamme d Animashaun and the team behind Amazon The wheel of time they have done just that.

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