Wednesday, August 17

The ‘Warriors’ beat Austria and advance with full points

La female selection without major shocks met his first goal in theHandball World Cup, what was it access the main phase with maximum points after winning their first three games. The third was as decanted as the previous ones, before a selection of Austria depleted by the cases of coronavirus, which lost up to five of its best players in this first phase. The ‘Warriors’ won easily (31-19), debut in the championship central Alicia Fernndez and the distribution of minutes was maintained to maintain the freshness of the team, which as of Wednesday faces bigger rivals.


31 – Espaa: Navarro (Castellanos, 1); Martn (9, 2p), Fernndez, Cesreo (1), Gutirrez (1), Espnola (1), Barbosa (5); Arderius (1), Etxeverra (2), Gassama (3) Rodrguez, Arcos (2) , Ainhoa ​​Hernndez (19, Sole Lpez (1p) , Laura Hernndez (1p).

19 – Austria: L. Ivancok (Hajgato); Schindler (4) , Kovacs (8, 6p), Tomasini (1) , Schlegel, I. Ivancok (1), Dedic ; Reichert (1), Leitner (4).

Score every five minutes: 3-1, 5-1, 8-3, 9-4, 11-6, 14-6; 15-9, 19-11, 22-14, 25-16, 28-17, 31-19.

rbitros: Jovadic and Sekulic (Serbia). They excluded Arcos and Laura Hernndez for Spain and Dedic (twice) and I. Ivancok for Austria.

Incidents: match of the third day in group H of the Women’s World Cup. Torrevieja Sports Palace, 3,300 spectators.

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