Sunday, June 26

The press conference of Ancelotti and Casemiro live

A At one o’clock in the afternoon the press conferences of the Real Madrid. In addition to Ancelotti, the one to take the floor before the decisive match against Inter be housemiro.

Ancelotti and Casemiro take the floor in Valdebebas

The Brazilians and the critics


“There is always talk. But the technical technical staff is aware of everything. We have a great squad, which is the most important thing of all: Camavinga, Fede, Isco, Asensio … The squad is what wins titles.”

The match against Inter

“We face the games always the same, with seriousness and respect. We play the first place against a great team. We go with respect and tranquility.”

Casemiro already appears in the press room of Valdebebas.

Yellow alert

Casemiro and Mendy are in the absence of a yellow for the sanction. If they see her tomorrow they will not play the first leg of the round of 16.

Inter press conferences will be from 6:00 p.m.

The power of Casemiro

The first to speak will be Casemiro. This is how the Brazilian played against Real Sociedad.

Options in the draw

If Madrid is first in the group, the only Spanish who can be, and the rest of the Spanish teams finish in second place, the crossing options for the Whites will be only three: PSG, Sporting de Portugal y Juventus o Chelsea.

Without the double value of the goals in European competitions, what is at stake is having the environment factor in favor in the crossing of the second round. Everything indicates that except for PSG, all the ‘coconuts’ are going to win their groups.

The tie is worth to Madrid to be first of the group. The whites have the loss of Benzema, their great weapon in attack. The good news, in addition to the great moment of Vinicius, is that Luka Jovic sent more than positive messages in San Sebastian.

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