Sunday, January 23

The Fabulous Fear Machine, storytelling and strategy for spring • Console and Dashboard

Fictiorama Studios and AMC Games present The Fabulous Fear Machine, narrative game that combines strategy with a ‘pulp’ style. The mission? Get fear to rule the world.


This ad is accompanied by an official trailer, which reveals its own comic book aesthetic. It will be in the spring of 2022 when it will be released on PC, through Steam.

Its protagonist is the new Master of the Machine, who intends to spread the darkest legends so that fear floods everything. It will be possible through horror stories, urban myths and conspiracy theories, capable of sneaking into people’s minds.

After “planting the seed of fear”, it will be time to see the reactions. By feeding them, the legends will become more powerful and effective. We will have agents, which we will use to explore new areas. They may also infiltrate rival organizations, although the decision-making will be ours.

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