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Sony fires vice president of engineering after being accused of pedophilia | Levelup

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A Sony vice president of technology was recently fired from the company. This after he was accused of pedophilia by a cyber group that catches predators and uploads the video to the Internet.

George Cacioppo, who worked for 8 years at Sony, was accused of arranging a meeting with who he supposedly believed to be a 15-year-old. People v. Preds, a YouTube channel charged with hunting down predators of minors and recording them, are responsible for the accusations.

According to different documents published on a Google Drive, Cacioppo had conversations with who he believed to be a 15-year-old through Grindr, a dating application focused on the LGBTQ + community. In his talk, Cacioppo assured that his name was Jeff and exchanged photos with the minor. The accusations indicate that the subject gave his address to the young man to invite him to have sex.

In the video posted by People v. Preds, We can see the cameraman go towards the address that was shared with him in the chat. There he finds Cacioppo waiting for someone at the door of the home. The cameraman refers to him as Jeff and asks him several questions, including who he plans to see. At this, Cacioppo goes into the house and closes the door without answering any of the questions.

George Cacioppo has refused to answer questions from different media outlets that have contacted him since the video was published.

Sony fired George Cacioppo

The video was made public a couple of days ago and inevitably Sony found out what happened. The company immediately fired George Cacioppo, as confirmed to CNET it’s a statement.

“We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been fired,” Sony said in a statement shared on Sunday.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Cacioppo joined Sony Interactive Entertainment in September 2013. He apparently held the position of Vice President of Engineering for the PlayStation Network.

People v. Preds did not report Cacioppo to authorities

It is worth mentioning that the members of People v. Preds did not contact authorities to report Cacioppo. They only released their investigation to the public through video and documents shared on Drive.

But why not report it? A member of the group told Kotaku that the authorities refuse to collaborate with cyber groups like yours. That said, they assure that all the evidence is in the hands of the police.

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