Friday, July 1

Sony fires PlayStation executive accused of pedophilia

Sony he has fired abruptly to George Cacioppo, senior vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment who worked at PlayStation Store since 2013 and that he is expelled from the company after appear this weekend in a video to “hunt” pedophiles.

The authors of the video are People v. Preds, a group of activists who dedicated to setting traps for pedophiles with members of the group posing as minors in sexual contact applications to record those who are open to meeting them, surprising them with a camera and unmasking those who want to have relationships with minors.

People v. Preds ensures that had conversations on Grindr with Cacioppo (which Jeff used as aliases in this network) in which impersonated a 15-year-old minor to which Cacioppo sent some photographs, staying with him at his home to have sex. After going to the place of the appointment, the member of this activist group recorded Cacioppo entering his home and closing the door in front of him when he learned the purpose of the recording.

Sony has fired Cacioppo and the evidence has already been handed over to the authorities

Shortly after the video was published, Sony confirmed to CNET that it had fired withering Cacioppo assuring that they were “aware of the situation and the employee in question has been firedFor its part, People v. Preds has spoken with Kotaku assuring that They make these videos to make people aware of this threat given that “the police department does not work with cyber groups like us“although they assure that they deliver evidence as screenshots of the conversations with Cacioppo and other pedophiles as well as the various videos to the authorities.

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