Thursday, June 30

RUMOR: Ambitious Mainframe Cloud MMO Won’t Be Xbox Exclusive | Levelup

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Online experiences in video games can be developed in different ways taking advantage of cloud technology and there are projects that are committed to taking that step. One of them has caused noise in recent months and it is a Mainframe Industries project, which would be an MMO that would operate in the cloud. This unannounced game drew attention due to rumors that indicated a supposed exclusivity with Xbox and even that Hideo Kojima was part of the project, however it seems that there are important changes.

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Mainframe MMO got a hefty investment that turned things around

According to information from Jeff Grubb, a journalist for VentureBeat (via VGC), Maniframe Industries’ ambitious MMO will not be exclusive to Xbox. According to Grubb, this project was considered exclusive but originally open to different investments. In that sense, a strong investment of $ 23 million, not from Microsoft, would have changed things because it pushed back the exclusivity option with Xbox and now there are elements that indicate that it will be multiplatform.

Likewise, the journalist points out that the decision would have been made to ensure that the project has many more resources in terms of budget and Microsoft would have agreed with it.

According to what is said about this MMO in the cloud developed by Mainframe Industries, it is a complex project that would take place in a game environment that involves the use of mobile devices, consoles or PC, each experience with particularities but that have an effect in the same player game. In this regard, it is considered to be a very ambitious project, but at the same time attractive that has managed to attract interest and investment to become a reality.

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