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Minecraft helps in the restoration of the Church of Villamorón with a crowdfunding

The video game and charitable initiatives can go hand in hand, and can help to recover architectural jewels of our country. This is the case of the crowdfunding project launched by the Villamorn Friends Association together with Hispania Nostra: relying on the video game Minecraft to display the results, seek funds to restore the interior of the Church of Villamorn. We are talking about the first Gothic temple built in Burgos dating from the 13th century. Fundraising be valid until December 12. At the time of writing these lines, they have already totaled 24,781 euros.

Minecraft helping to rebuild the Church of Villamorn, the first Gothic church in Burgos

“It impresses on the outside, causes dismay on the inside. With the ruin cut off in 2009-2010, the Amigos de Villamorn association undertakes hand in hand with Hispania Nostra the project to recover the interior of the Villamorn temple, in the municipality of Villegas (Burgos) “, we can read on the crowdfunding page.” We invite you to collaborate with us in this project as necessary as it is exciting for the future of this monument and the entire region. “

In order to give visibility to this initiative, they worked to recreate a replica of the interior of the Villamorn temple in Minecraft. In this way, they affirm that it is the first nationwide campaign to use Mojang’s video game for such a purpose. They rate this collaboration as the “first sign that Minecraft and the heritage of Empty Spain can go hand in hand“.

“Minecraft and the heritage of Emptied Spain can go hand in hand”

In the video that we have left you on these lines, you can take a look at the current dilapidated state of the Church of Villamorn and what will its appearance be (recreated in Minecraft) successful completion of this fundraiser. For those interested in participating, contributions can be made online or by bank transfer to CAIXABANK ES77 2100 3119 3913 0059 6004.

If you want to consult all the details of the project, you can visit their crowdfunding page in the following link. In addition, from the Association of Friends of Villamorn they seek to encourage other organizations to use Minecraft for this type of project.

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