Wednesday, August 17

Luiz Henrique moment: ‘another Rivaldo’ but at a market price

Luiz Henrique knocks on the doors of the future of football. It is the fruit of inexhaustible Brazilian factory of footballers. But not all of them wear a star. East Fluminense forward Yes. He is one of the sensations of the Brazilian league this season. With barely 20 years, I already know compare with the mythical Rivaldo for its benefits in the field and is meat of Europe soon. In fact, the player is already positioning himself with his football and in Europe they look at his conditions. Because the auction has started.

Clubs like him Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Athletic and even pointers Football they already know their terms and they have been tracking it although some of them at the moment consider that this demarcation does not interest them.

This Brazilian striker is one of the highlights in Brazil right now. The future. Despite the fact that he has a termination clause with his current club (around 40 million) and that there is talk of multimillion-dollar figures despite his extreme youth in professional football, as MARCA has learned the conditions for his possible departure and jump to Europe would be around 15 million euros. A high amount, but acceptable for today’s football, that of the Post-Covid.

Luiz Henrique, in full action in the Fluminense. / Fluminense FC

Not in vain it is necessary to see what has been paid in recent years by players who aspire to be stars of world football and who leave Brazil. For example, by footballers like Vinicius, Rodrygo… Reinier. For the first they paid 45 millions plus 16 for objectives. For the second, another 45 plus nine for objectives. And for the third another million.

For the moment still has not exploded in the media. It has been enshrined in the Brazil’s under-20s, but it has not made the leap to the Absolute. It is expected to be shortly and then the economic projection will have already made that quantitative leap. For this reason, the greats, thanks to their scout services, have begun to move their machinery. There is a lot of interest and contacts. They want to anticipate their explosion … and not at pre-crisis prices. That is, not those 45 ‘Vinicius style’.

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