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Hidetaka Miyazaki, father of Dark Souls, praises ICO on its anniversary: ​​’It changed my life’

Today they are fulfilled 20 years since the original release of ICO in the Japanese market (although in Spain we will not celebrate this anniversary until March of next year) and as a tribute the magazine Famitsu has published an article in which several iconic creators talk about the magnificent work of Team ICO designed by Fumito Ueda.

One of the video game designers paying tribute to the PlayStation classic is Hidetaka Miyazaki, father of the saga Dark Souls in FromSoftware. In his statements, he explains that ICO greatly influenced his creative vision since he played it for the first time after his university stage: “When I graduated from university and started working, I moved away from video games for a while, then they recommended me to play ICO at a friend’s house. It was a beautiful experience, a story that I could not imagine, and I feel very sorry for my friends but I was moved and silent“.

“I look forward to Mr. Ueda’s new job”

ICO not only served Miyazaki as a reunion point with the video game, but also marked his way of understanding the medium: “I left the company I worked for and found myself at the door of the videogame industry”, he says referring to FromSoftware, and continues: “It’s not an exaggeration, it was a game that changed my life and I’m proud that it was ICO, a game by Mr. Ueda. “The creator of Dark Souls He takes the opportunity to congratulate both the work and the author, insisting that it continues to be a reference for him: “The mythology of Ueda’s games, including ICO, they have always been a reference for me. Congratulations to ICO on the 20th anniversary of ICO. As a fan, I look forward to Mr. Ueda’s new job. “

Captura de ICO, an artwork of Fumito Ueda.

Fumito Ueda prepares a new video game with his studio, genDesign, in collaboration with Epic Games Publishing, a project that this year We have seen a new image and it is rumored that it could appear in the gala of The Game Awards 2021. Hidetaka Miyazaki, meanwhile, see published Elden Ring, his last work, on February 25.

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