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Halo Infinite: Graphical comparison of the versions of Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC

There are only a couple of days left for Halo Infinite premieres on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC, platforms on which it will be available at launch through Xbox Game Pass, so many media and professionals have already begun to have access to the expected modo campaa of the new installment of the saga Halo. On Vandal we have already told you in our analysis in Spanish what do we think about the latest from 343 Industries, and now thanks to The Bit Analyst we bring you one comparison of game versions on all platforms.

Below you can see it video comparison from Halo Infinite en Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One y PC:

Resolution and framerate from Halo Infinite on all platforms

The first thing that should be noted in this comparison is the relationship between resolution and framerate of each of these versions. Video captured on PC is displayed at 2160p with options maxed out on an RTX3080. Those who play the standard version of Xbox One they will be able to enjoy Halo Infinite to a 1080p dynamic resolution at 30 fps, the average resolution being 972p. On PC it is On new generation consoles, as well as on Xbox One X, we can choose between two graphic modes, one focused on quality and the other on fluidity, and this is how they perform according to the technical analysis of The Bit Analyst:

  • Xbox One X: Quality mode at 2160p dynamic (1800p most common) and 30 fps, fluency mode at 1440p dynamic (1260p most common) and 60 fps.
  • Xbox Series S: Quality mode at 1080p and 30 fps, fluency mode at dynamic 1080p (1080p the most common) and 60 fps.
  • Xbox Series X: Quality mode at 2160p dynamic (1800p most common) and 60 fps, fluency mode at 1440p dynamic (1188p most common) and 120 fps.

As you can see, and as the own youtuber, Halo Infinite takes advantage of the temporal upsampling reconstruction in all versions, something that seems to show more aggressively in horizontal resolution. The Bit Analyst also emphasizes that Xbox Series S still does not have 120 fps mode and it does not exceed the resolution of 1080p, something that was present in previous versions of the game.

Some faults have also been detected such as assets destructibles that do not cast a shadow in the last generation version or that some animations don’t work at 60fps on any of the platforms, which causes stuttering when the rest of the game does exceed that frame rate. In general, yes, the game looks much better than that gameplay that we saw in 2020.

There are other aspects to highlight that bring out the work of optimization that 343 Industries has done to run Halo Infinite on Xbox One, such as cutbacks in polygon loading and stage geometry or less vegetation compared to the Xbox Series X / S and PC versions. The difference between generations is also perceived in loading times, What are they five times faster on both new generation consoles, or the draw distance.

Halo Infinite be available on December 8 en Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One y PC.

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