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Halo Infinite Fans Discover One Feature Was Much Better In Halo Reach | Levelup

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The multiplayer of Halo Infinite He already debuted and did it with the right foot. The community is loving it and 343 Industries has been quick to fix their problems. However, there are complaints that have not been fixed so far, such as that a customization feature was much better in Halo Reach.

On the subreddit of Halo ―Which was temporarily closed for good reason― one user raised his voice to share a disappointing finding. It turns out that the multiplayer of Halo Infinite gives you the opportunity to select different body types for your Spartan. The problem is that the armor remains the same, so the differences between the two are “virtually imperceptible”.

The reason this is disappointing is that there was a difference in previous games. The player gave as an example Halo Reach, a title whose multiplayer did mark differences in the armor so that the body types were notorious. So the community is disappointed that Infinite debuted without a feature from a 2010 game.

Now, you also have to keep in mind that the world has changed a lot since 2010 and cultural sensitivities are different. 343 Industries may have made the decision to use the same armor for all body types. That said, it is still disappointing that this is a cosmetic option that makes a minimal difference.

In other news

At this time, 343 Industries has not commented on the matter. We will stay tuned and inform you if the study explains this situation or if it plans changes. While we wait, tell us, what do you think about this difference? Do you think it was better at Halo Reach? Tell us in the comments.

The campaign of Halo Infinite It will arrive on December 8, while the Beta of its multiplayer is available from November 15. You can learn more about this long-awaited FPS from 343 Industries by clicking here.

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