Saturday, June 25

Graphical comparison: Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD vs a fan remastering

Resident Evil 4 it’s a eternal game what have you had tons of versions since its original release on January 11, 2005 for GameCube, later arriving on PS2, Windows, Wii, mobile phones, and even modern consoles like PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

Precisely the basis for these more “modern” versions from Resident Evil 4 is the Ultimate HD Edition de PC which was launched in 2014 and which now has a competitor in form of remastering created by fans baptized as Resident Evil 4 HD Project that will be published as a mod for the game on February 2, 2022.

Over the weekend, the YouTube channel The Bit Analyst wanted to explore this mod in depth by creating a video in which he compares it with the “Ultimate” version for PC, discovering the incredible work of these fans that have needed 7 years to create this remastering that add control improvements, extra options like increasing FOV and many technical improvements, updates and additions both in the 3D models in characters, objects and weapons as well as numerous post-processing effects or lighting corrections to give a much more realistic context. If you are interested in this project, you can download the latest version from the website of its creators.

The other side of the scale, a PSX-style game demake

This brutal mod that remasters Resident Evil 4 we could say that it is on one side of the scale of the community’s creations with this survival horror while on the other we found a totally different project, a demake of the game in the style of PSX that since last November 10 can now be played on PC.

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