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Fortnite: Chapter 3 – Season 1: all the news • Console and Dashboard

Fortnite: Chapter 3 – Season 1 it is already a reality. End, the event that ended with the Episode 2, has brought with it a new island. It is not the only change we will see. The Battle Pass is also available now, starring Spider-Man.


With this new chapter, Epic Games continues to bet on its successful game. It takes us to a new island, where we can explore every corner. We will meet again with green meadows, deserts, rivers and cities, without forgetting the snow, capable of awakening the Christmas spirit of more than one.

This new beginning is, in the words of its creators, an opportunity for those who do not know Fortnite join him. Of course, also for curious people who have long left the island. Novices and experts will witness the cold island thaw, giving way to new areas (with their surprises).

Victory Crowns and new missions will be part of the experience. The landslides, downhill, already allow you to build and shoot. In addition, being killed by the enemy, we will be able to crawl faster to our companions. Continuing with the changes, it is possible pick up objects in full drag.

When we find a perfect place, we can establish a store to heal ourselves and to store objects (to collect in other games). Our friends can use our store to build their own. Once the storm approaches the store, it will be time to pick it up and look for a new location. If things look very bad, there will always be the option to abandon it …

For its part, it is known that from December 11 we will be able to swing through the buildings with the Spider-Man Web Launcher. They will be compatible with any outfit, although if we want to look like Spider-Man, we will have to get hold of the Battle Pass and unlock. It will not be the only one, since we can also get hold of the leader of the legendary Seven, among others.

We will obtain the Battle Pass in Campal Battle and in Creative Mode, through the rewards system. Therefore, the creators will also be able to get hold of the superhero and all the content. Finally, the best in Campal Battle will win the victory crown, which will be seen in the next game. It allows you to boast of victory, but everything has a price. It is not for less, since it will shine to the fullest, standing out among the others.

If we do not lose it, we will get a bonus of XP. By winning with it, we will receive an exclusive gesture. It is one more way to reward effort and to reduce inequalities between beginners and regular players.

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