Tuesday, January 25

Dragons and Pets, companionship and betrayals in equal measure • Console and Board

Maldragón Editorial presents Dragons and Pets, board game that immerses us in the exploration of dungeons. You have just started a financing search campaign in Verkami, with an initial target set at 3,000 euros.


Dragons and Pets It is a creation of Rubén Martín, better known as Mudito. Since he is a cartoonist, he is also in charge of illustrations. He brings to life a game consisting of 107 cards, which served him as fun during confinement.

After entertaining his family, he expands borders. Thus, it can be purchased for 18 euros (17 during the first hours of the campaign). The reward includes the game, the extras to unlock and the shipping costs to the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands (or the collection at a marked point).

If we contribute 24 euros, to the previous content is added an A5 letter, illustrated and dedicated by Mudito. Increasing this amount, we can add a mat, shipping costs to the Canary Islands and the European Union, a t-shirt, a badge, additional copies and the possibility of including our pet.

The dispatch to patrons, as long as it reaches its goal, is planned for mid march. For now, we know that we will go into a dungeon, in search of adventure. As usual in treasure hunts, we will come across monsters to defeat.

Throughout the journey, we will establish alliances with other players and then break them. Helping each other is just as important as betraying each other, considering that wealth is at stake. Therefore, leave stranded those who were once companions Not only is it allowed, but it is recommended.

The protagonists are not humans, but cats, rabbits and squirrels, among other animals, ready to “dungeon like a dog.” They will come across mole-type weapons, impossible tools, and “sloppy spells,” in the words of their creator.

The mission will be to find the treasures and, of course, flee with them. Specifically, we must escape alive with a treasure of at least 15 gold coins.

The experience can be enjoyed in a version for beginners and another for experts looking for great strategic possibilities. The games, indicated from 8 years old, have a duration of 30 minutes.


  • 54 Dungeon Cards
  • 46 Team Cards
  • 6 Double Character Cards
  • Dungeon Entry Card
  • 32 Gold Tokens
  • 6 Character Tokens
  • Instructions (Spanish)


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