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Bethesda studio works on a game for a major comics license | Levelup

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It was to be expected that with the success of the comic book franchises in the cinema, new attempts would be made in the video game sector, especially given the level reached by franchises such as Batman Arkham by Rocksteady and Marvel’s Spider-Man by Insomniac. As a result and in recent years there has been great expectation for games inspired by comics universes and information related to a project that would be brewing within Bethesda was recently revealed.

A major comic book game is in development at Bethesda

According to information found by a Twitter user (via Gamingbolt) the profile of a developer at Roundhouse Studios, Bethesda studio, at LinkedIn noted that the team is working on a game for a major comic book license. According to the details shown, it is an undisclosed third-person shooter type title with a PvPvE proposal, although no further information is revealed about it.

Roundhouse Studios was formed with the same members of Human Head Studios

Roundhouse Studios belongs to Bethesda, and therefore Xbox Game Studios, and was formed in 2019 after the closure of Human Head Studios. In fact, all members of this team were reassigned to Roundhouse and are presumed to have worked in recent years on this game inspired by the comic book universe.

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To give us an idea in a matter of history, Human Head Studios existed from 1997 to 2019 and their creatives were responsible for the franchise Rune and also of Prey with that 2006 game posted by 2K. Likewise, this team was responsible for Prey 2, a game that was to be published by Bethesda but was canceled and became a precedent for the reboot of the franchise that is now in the hands of Arkane.

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