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Apex Legends Director and Designer Say Goodbye to Respawn Entertainment | Levelup

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The waters have moved abruptly at Respawn Entertainment and that is after the announcement that Vince Zampella will be in charge of repairing the disaster that is Battlefield 2042 and will take the reins of the franchise, new information has emerged that accounts for the departure of 2 of its most important members.

Respawn is undergoing major changes

Through a post in the blog oficial de Respawn Entertainment, Chad Grenier, director of Apex Legends, one of those responsible for Titanfall and a co-founder of the company for 11 years, announced his departure. Grenier’s message does not reveal the reason for his departure, it simply indicates that “this crazy journey has come to an end” and takes the opportunity to thank all the members of the company who have participated in his projects. Likewise, the creative made it clear that Apex Legends will continue forward, that his departure will not affect the development process of what is coming and pointed out that there is plenty of content for the coming years.

On the other hand, Apex Legends and Respawn were left without a design director as Jason McCord also announced his departure from the company. In this case, he is a creative veteran of Respawn and co-founder. According to his publication, the creative believes that it is time to try new things and face new challenges, although he did not indicate what they are or where he will work from next year.

Respawn Entertainment has earned a name for itself in the industry and even more so it has been the stone on which Electronic Arts has rested after years of controversy. This was possible thanks to the fact that Respawn games have liked the public, critics and have performed very well in the market, proof of this is what happened with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, title that extinguished the controversy generated by the details and problems of Star Wars Battlefront when it was in the hands of DICE.

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