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The Rock confirms appearance in Fortnite in the final event of Chapter 2 | Levelup

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Today the grand finale of Chapter 2 of Fortnite with a great event that players could be part of. Best of all, with this grand finale it was confirmed that celebrity Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock, is canon in the history of Battle Royale and could arrive as a skin very soon.

Today, December 4, in the afternoon, The End event took place and revolved around the Cube and its powers. The Cube Queen launched its plan to unleash the ultimate reality and players had to join forces to face the threat posed by the queen and defeat hundreds of ships and thus defend their world.

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The Rock was the star of the event The End in Fortnite

In one part of the event, it is seen that Slone was going to perform an experiment on Agent Jones, but luckily an old ally appeared to save him, The Foundation, a mysterious character who had debuted in Season 6 of Chapter 2 and who had had a critical role in stabilizing The Zero Point.

Well, the character did not die on that mission and today we finally got to see the person behind the helmet who had done those heroic actions: The Rock, as some suspected.

The mission continued and players had to continue to make their way through a huge platform that kept rotating, but luckily they managed to defeat the Cube Queen. However, they ended up in the middle of the ocean with a huge wave that marked the end of the event and Chapter 2. After the event, Fortnite Flipped became a trend, which gives clues about what the new map will be like.

Here is the gameplay of the event so you can see how great it was.

In case you missed it: Chapter 3 of Fortnite will include skins of Spider-Man and Gears of War according to the clues.

Because I can not play Fortnite? When will Chapter 3 be available?

As on other occasions, this means that maintenance began prior to the launch of the new content, making it impossible to play the Battle Royale. So far, Epic Games has not confirmed when maintenance will end and Chapter 3 will arrive, but the dataminer HYPEX It refers that it will be possible to enter at 9:00 AM tomorrow, Sunday, December 5 (Mexico City time).

What did you think of the final event of Chapter 2 of Fortnite? Did you like The Rock’s outfit? Tell us in the comments.

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