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Stream it or skip it: ‘Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues’ on Apple TV + is basically a bonus DVD

Apple TV + Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues hopes to continue the magic of last year’s Mariah Carey Christmas special by… spending half of its short running time looking back at last year Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special. Seriously.


The essence: Last years Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special it was a surprise gift, literally. The special, filmed at the height of COVID-19, was announced in mid-November and premiered two weeks later. What emerged on Apple TV + was a weird and wonderful show that was equally dazzling and unnerving. Tasked with following up on a true Christmas show, this year Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues just… mainly talks about last year’s special.

Mariah Carey drops a new Christmas single (“Fall in Love at Christmas” for sure with Khalid and Kirk Franklin), then gives a meandering 8-minute interview to sycophantic Zane Lowe about last year’s Christmas special, and closes with »Christmas (baby please come home)«. It only lasts 18 minutes, but it feels much, much longer.

Which movies will it remind you of ?: This is a special feature on DVD from last year’s special.

Performance worth watching: I liked gays in glittery tuxedos who wear the flamboyant train on Mariah’s gown.

Diálogo memorable: Here’s how Zane Lowe introduces Carey: “At home she is a loving mother. For the rest of us, she is one of the greatest artists in the world. But this time every year, she wears a different crown as the undisputed queen of Christmas. And during the interview, Carey responds to a question about the possibility of her coming back on tour by saying, “We’ll go back to search, maybe, in a fun way.”

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A Christmas tradition: Apple TV + is engaged to the Christmas Queen, so maybe next year we will get what amounts to a press conference interview about is special.

Does the title make sense ?: The caveat was really there in the title. I think we all think that The Magic Continues It meant this special would be like last year, but with the setup time and protocols in place to actually get it out of the park. Actually, The Magic Continues it was said literally. This is a continuation of last year’s special, but just barely.

Our Take: I’ll let the notes I took during the special take over this section.

18 minutes
boring start!
is it a music video?
good thank god it’s not
“Fall in love at Christmas”
– Are they casting a shadow over last year ???
– drama with dog’s permission. WHY IT’S ON THE SPECIAL
an interview about the song. is that as long as the song?
This … cannot be seen again every year! OH MY GOD WHY ARE THEY STILL TALKING
OH MY GOD, are you talking about LAST YEARS special now ????????????
– what are we doing WHY WE CARE
no one ASKED for info on last year’s special

Our calling: SKIP IT. If you’re curious, do what the “special” wants and buy Mariah’s new Christmas single.

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