Thursday, May 26

Ricky Rubio helps to come back but the Cavaliers do not finish off the Jazz




Tthree opportunities had the Cavaliers to take the game against the Jazz in the last seconds, but not triple a fantastic Darius Garland (31 points) nor the clapping of Jarrett Allen (17 + 11) first and Evan Mobley (14 + 12) then they wanted to enter. The two towers of Cleveland who rubbed shoulders with Rudy Gobert Throughout the game, they were hampered on those plays by the endless arms of the NBA’s best defender, who finished with just six points, but 20 rebounds. The best, yes, Donovan Mitchell, which ended with 35 points and led the success of some very inspired Jazz from the triple: 11/25 at halftime to 20/48 at the end.

Ricky Rubio He was one of the standouts on the Cavs. Ended with 15 points (6/11 in shots and 2/6 in triples), four rebounds and two assists. It was an important part in a 18-2 partial who got his team into the game after going 82-97 early in the fourth quarter. Next to Cedi Osman, who stole and scored, and Garland put Cleveland in a position to fight for a win that seemed impossible a few minutes ago.

The scorer duel between Garland and Donovan Mitchell was passionate. He was taken by the Jazz, who at times seemed unstoppable. Also for his friend Ricky. His last points made it 102-104. Garland responded with four in a row to overtake his team. It was the Cavaliers’ last rental. A triple of Mike Conley and a Gobert dunk complicated the situation for Cleveland, but their point guard resisted and with 1:27 left he put the final score.

No one else would score in a few moments of errors These included a 3-pointer by Ricky and a tackle by Mitchell brutally blocked by Mobley when the Jazz were already licking their hands. In the last action, the Cavaliers were unable to score and they ended up dying on the shore. With the game over, Mitchell raised his arms and just bumped into Ricky. He hugged him. Before he had made life impossible for him.

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