Monday, August 8

Crossfire between Verstappen and Hamilton




¡What a race! And it is logical that after what was seen in the urban layout of Jeddah the statements have been forceful. Lewis Hamilton he achieved his eighth victory of the 2021 season (the 103rd of his F1 career), but he had a really bad time. Max Verstappen was really tough. It didn’t cut into anything.

The seven-time champion emphasized after the race that it had been difficult not to fall into the traps set by the Dutchman. “I’m thankful that we didn’t both go away. The most important thing is to finish these two races and it will be difficult, given the circumstances. I have to keep the car in one piece. It was clear that others wanted to go to another level when it came to overtaking, so I wanted to stay on the track and get out of trouble. I am grateful to have a front wing at the end. We do not give up. Today I have seen an emotion and passion in my team that I have not seen in the last 10 years. “

And on the most controversial action he has underlined: “I have not understood why you have hit the brakes hard, I gave him from behind and he continued forward, they told me that he had to let me pass, but it was not easy “, Max was trying to let me pass before the DRS zone and then use the DRS, but I am not stupid”.

For its part, Verstappen he has complained about the five-second sanction and the obligation to give up his position. “It has been a very successful race. A lot of things have happened that I don’t agree with. It is what it is, I don’t want to talk about it. We don’t have to look for headlines, they don’t deserve it. My opinion is different from that of the commissioners. We have the same points and it is exciting for F1. But we talk more about white lines and penalty than F1, and that’s a shame. “

As for the incident in which the ’33’ stopped and Lewis hit him from behind he has pointed out. “I slowed down because I wanted to let him pass. He didn’t want to overtake me and we touched. I don’t understand what happened there. “

Wolff and Marko’s views

Meanwhile, the Mercedes team leader, Toto Wolff, He preferred not to get wet in front of the DAZN microphones. “We have to see the telemetry, but I don’t want to go too far. We think it got up to have DRS later, but I prefer to wait for the telemetry. There were no collisions, but there could have been. We would like to have great races and for the best man to win. Verstappen was very tough, but it should also be noted how well he was in the second run. “

And on the other side, Helmut Marko, Red Bull advisor, said: “We do not accept this final result, our engineers are reviewing it. I think we can show that there was no ‘brake test’, I think Hamilton misjudged Verstappen. Because of this maneuver, our tire cracked. “.

And, on the other hand, he has spoken of the controversial ‘offer’ of Michael Masi. “I thought there were rules, not that this was the market. Hamilton fired Max and there was no reaction, we will go to the stewards because we do not like how they are treating us.”

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