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Announced figure of the beautiful female version of Terry Bogard | Levelup

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Today we bring a new edition of the section El Rincón del Coleccionismo and it is full of novelties of figures, since an important event of manufacturers is being carried out in Japan, which presented their new statues, among which stand out Mai Shiranui, Terry Bogard in its female version, Pokémon, Naruto and many more.

Mega Hobby Expo started on November 26, but continues to offer news until today. Precisely one of the latest revelations was those of SNK, which, as we mentioned, would launch 2 Bishoujo figures from their games King of Fighters ’98 and SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.

Months ago we informed you that the first would be by Mai Shiranui, but we could only see her conceptual design. Fortunately, today the model of the final figure was presented and next to it the design of the second figure was revealed, which is by Terry Bogard in his female version that appeared in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.

Imagen: Kotobukiya

Both designs, like others from the Bishoujo line (such as Morrigan, Felicia and Lillith) were done by Shunya Yamashita and below you can see the great work he did on the design.

The figure of Mai Shiranui debuts in August 2022. There is still no price or release window for the statue of Terry Bogard, but it will likely cost around $ 140 USD, which is the usual price for these figures.

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Imagen: Kotobukiya
Imagen: Kotobukiya
Imagen: Kotobukiya
Imagen: Kotobukiya

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That’s not all, at the event there were many more announcements from manufacturers like MegaHouse, Kotobukiya, Lucrea and more, which will be releasing cool figures and statues from other anime, such as Evangelion, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto.

Here is a selection of figures related to video games and some anime, as well as a gallery.

These figures were revealed at Mega Hobby Expo

In case you missed it: more cool video game figures are on the way.

On this page You can check all the figures that were revealed in Mega Hobby Expo, take into account that the event continues and will end until December 13, so more announcements are expected.

What did you think of the figures? Are you planning to buy one? Tell us in the comments.

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