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10 Instagram theme ideas for your photography account

If you want to showcase your photography, Instagram is one of the top visual platforms to do so. While stories, videos, and funny memes recently took up space on the app, the Instagram grid is still the bread and butter of your account.

Displaying your unique style and artistic perspective can be intimidating when hundreds of thousands of photographers try to do the same. However, painting a cohesive aesthetic by giving your Instagram grid a theme is a sure way to stand out from the virtual crowd. Read on to learn more about Instagram themes and find some creative accounts to inspire yours.

But first, what is an Instagram theme?

An Instagram theme is the gist of your Instagram profile, displayed through the content on your grid, your featured covers, your bio, your profile photo, and even your Stories. However, your Instagram posts are where your topic shines the most.

You can choose a theme based on pretty much anything you want. Themes are expressed through airy photographic filters, the type of content you post (eg travel, fashion, puppies, etc.), unique camera angles, and specific themes. It can be as complicated as taking close-up photos of rare insects or as simple as choosing a single color to photograph.

Everything is possible, really, and the theme you want to use is up to you.

Our 10 Favorite Instagram Topics for Inspiration

As stated above, there is no limit to what you can use as inspiration for your Instagram theme.

With endless options, choosing one can be overwhelming. So we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite Instagram themes used by popular photographers to help your creativity flow.

Read on for some of the more unique Instagram grid themes in use right now.

1. Teal and Orange Filter by @ allabout.michaela

Over the last year or two, it seems like this bright and airy teal and orange filter has pretty much dominated the massive influencer pages, and it’s easy to see why. @ allabout.michaela You use this popular filter to enhance your stunning selfies and travel photos, but make it your own with your artistic doodles and stickers. This shows that you can find ways to add your personal touch to even the most common Instagram topics.

2. Rainbow de @sarah_peretz

There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than an abundance of colors. And that’s exactly what you get when you scroll through the rainbow-inspired feed of @sarah_peretz. While she is the main subject of their photos, those who are more camera shy can recreate this look by challenging themselves to find other subjects to highlight using the entire color wheel. You can mimic this look by blending one photo into the next, or by making each post have a rainbow theme.

3. Natural tones by @myparisianart

If earthy and natural tones are your thing, pay attention to the feed of @myparisianart. Your photos not only consistently show a natural tan Instagram filter and the color of the subject, but they are also close-up shots. This shows that you can have multiple elements at play when deciding what your Instagram theme will be.

4. Crazy about flowers by @fredi_boldt

The floral poles of @frediboldt They are living proof that you don’t need to choose a single color or filter to have a beautiful Instagram feed. While tones, shots, poses, locations, and even subjects differ greatly from photo to photo, they all have one thing in common: flowers. If there is something you love to photograph, think of ways you can use it as an overall theme for your Instagram.

5. Aerial views of @ seayou.later

While the beautiful shots of @ seayou.later They are sure to arouse some travel envy, they could also inspire some inspiration on the Instagram theme. Although his main subject is oceans and ocean landscapes, what really sets his photographs apart is the aerial point of view. Whether you want to take a spectacular close-up or use a drone to take off as high off the ground as possible, challenge yourself to play at different angles.

6. Classic Black and White by @eduardfrances

Getting all the color out of your photographs is a compromise, but, as you can see in the profile of @eduardfrances, it may be worth it. Not only is this Instagram theme very simple and easy to recreate, it is a classic look that will hold its own throughout the many fashions and trends in photography to come and go.

7. Flatlay by @flaylayindia

If you don’t want to be limited by color and filter restrictions, take a look at the feed from @flatlayindia. Flatlays, a type of photography in which people, items, and other items are artistically laid out on a flat surface, are an Instagram staple. Make them the subject of your entire feed and try to see all the unique ways you can create this style of photography.

8. Minimalism by @jasminerossol

Another classic and timeless look is the minimalist, which is beautifully displayed in the profile of @jasminerossol. Using carefully selected filters, angles, and backgrounds alike, this creator can give all of her photos a minimalist look, no matter what they are or where they were taken. To recreate this look, keep in mind that less is always more.

9. Rinse and repeat by @muradosmann

By now, you’ve probably heard of @muradosmann and his iconic #followmeto project. While you can of course replicate his viral take and join the movement, you can also use his repetitive pose theme to inspire yours. Play around with different poses and shots that you could constantly duplicate in different places and see what happens.

10. Geometric fun motto by @drcuerda

You don’t have to be a geometry genius to incorporate it into your photography. With funny photos and interesting backgrounds, @drcuerda uses different patterns found around the world to create unique shots that are colorful and exciting. Try looking for similar backgrounds in your neighborhood and see what kind of fun geometry you could create.

Hopefully scrolling through these creative Instagram themes has inspired some ideas of its own. Although a lot has already been done, there are many ways to put your own spin on a song to make it uniquely yours.

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