Thursday, January 20

Whoops, whoops, whoops, danger in Jeddah

SThere was only an accident at the premiere of Jeddah and Arabia in Formula 1, a true dream, but the one that happened with Charles Leclerc was notorious and spectacular, despite the triple layer of Tech Pro. His Ferrari was made a cisco with no loopholes from where to be able to correct an error as in the rest of conventional layouts.

The speed of arrival to the other cars puts us in danger zone

Lewis Hamilton

But Jeddah is not, it is urban and with 27 curves at 250 km / h on average per lap, which has the pilots worried. Basically because of the blind corners at high speed, lack of visibility and reaction time in case of problems at that speed and no room to flee: “You try not to focus on this kind of thing and fully trust the FIA ​​standards, which are usually quite accurate and quite good. “Sainz says, although he is aware of what there is.

And that could be seen yesterday with several saves and last minute swings against simply slower cars, not even stopped. “If there’s a crash three seconds ahead of you, there won’t be time for us to react, we can’t see through walls. The FIA ​​must ensure that it is alert for yellow flags and safety cars and red flags, “insists Carlos.

Extra work also for the engineers, who give up warning of dangers in front and behind on the radio, as Lewis Hamilton assures, which adds more extra pressure in this appointment that the title can decide mathematically. “It is worse than in other places we have reached, the speed of approach to other cars puts us in a risk zone,” he says.

If there’s a crash three seconds ahead of you, there won’t be time for us to react, we can’t see through the walls

Carlos Sainz

“Traffic is going to be really tough because everyone is flying,” Norris said. “It’s not that someone’s doing something wrong. It’s just because you can’t see around the corners. My engineers tell me that there are five cars waiting in front and things like that, but then you have everyone ahead of you and eight queuing for the last corner. … It will probably be chaos, as it always is, but perhaps here more than elsewhere, which is not going to be good. “, close.

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