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The ‘Warriors’ defeat China without problems and continue their way in the World Cup

Ehe party cataloged a priori as the less problematic for the Spanish team in the World Cup, compared to China, responded as expected. The ‘Warriors’ won without problems (33-18), but they got little profit beyond the two points that mathematically put them in the main phasel. As is happening to other European teams in this World Cup when they face low-level ‘continental’ rivals, the best news is that there were no injuries to regret, that the wear was widely distributed and does not have to affect future matches.

The China game, a pale example of how far eastern teams tend to develop, could be as annoying, with its outspoken defense, as destabilizing for Spain, accustomed to more orthodox western handball canons. He largely avoided it by exploiting the backlash during the first half. China generously contributed its pile of losses (ten before the break). The first ones cost them four cons in a row that forced their coach to stop the game after five minutes (5-1). Their attack, unstructured, they tried to solve most of the time in individual actions. Only the lateral Jin showed dexterity to carry them out.

But all the naivety of their game was manifested in their defense, in which they go to the bulge. The ‘Warriors’ only needed to give the extra pass or the change of opponent to overcome them and open a notable gap on the scoreboard. A 4-0 run on the return from the locker room put the maximum advantage on the scoreboard (20-7)

From there it happened what usually happens in such uneven matches. The inertia of the first part ceased and Spain fell into drowsiness before the rock game of the Chinese, who nevertheless surprise with goals on the verge of passive. The ‘Guerreras’ staked themselves with only five goals in a quarter of an hour (25-14) and that led Jos Ignacio Prades to wake up his players in a timeout.

Bitten in their self-esteem, they returned to the court with the tension recovered and achieved a partial of 7-1 (32-16) that put things back in their place. The counterattacks reappeared and Spain shelved the file that represented this party.

Paula Arcos surpasses the Chinese defenders and shoots on goalEFE


33 – Spain: Castellanos (Navarro); Martn (4, 2p), Campos (3, 1p), Cesareo (2), Gutirrez (3), Espnola, Barbosa (5); Mireya Glez. (1), Etxeverria (2), Sole Lpez (2, 1p), Gassama (3), Arcos (2, 1p), Ainhoa ​​Hernndez (3), Rodrguez, Laura Hernndez (2, 1p).

18 – China: Chang Lu (Xia Huang, Chenxi Song); Yauanyuan Yu (2), Mengxue Zhou (2, 1p), Mengmeng Mo, Menquing Jin (2), Shuhui Wang (3); Haxia Zhang, Yaiayi Wang (2), Xiuxiu Tian (2), Chan Liu, Keke Wang, Lei Gong (2), Jiao Sun (2), Wenna Qu, Chenxi Song.

Scoreboard every five minutes: 5-1, 7-1, 8-3, 11-5, 13-6, 16-7; 20-7, 23-10, 24-11, 25-13, 30-15, 33-18.

rbitros: A. Covalciuc and I. Colvalciud (Moldova). They excluded Cesreo and Rodriguez for Spain and Mengmeng Mo, Chan Liu and Lei Gong (three times) for China.

Incidents Match of the second day of group H of the Women’s World Cup. Torrevieja Sports Palace, 3,200 spectators.

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