Monday, June 27

The ‘queen’ party at the Johan Cruyff ends in a landslide




Barcelona continues its walk through Primera Iberdrola with a firm step, a competition that it dominates in a comfortable way by signing a full of victories after twelve games played. His latest victim has been a bald Athletic Club (4-0) who came to rest with a draw on the scoreboard, but ended up succumbing in the second act to Barça’s superiority.

The hangover from the conquest of the Ballon d’Or by Alexia Putellas continues. Beyond the obvious one by France Football magazine, the recognitions to the Barcelona captain have not stopped happening. The last one, minutes before the start of the match against Athletic Club, was of the 5,147 spectators who gathered at the Johan Cruyff for the league duel that gave an ovation to the symbol of the club (363 official matches and 156 goals) who offered the award to his fans after receiving it from his mother -Elisabet- and his sister -Alba-.

The first part of Barcelona was one of the thickest that they are remembered on the offensive plot. Because the team led by Joanatan Giráldez dominated from the opening whistle and played more in the opposite field than in the own field, but did not know how to resolve the arrivals to the rival area. He had them of all colors. The clearest, a corner thrown by Alexia Putellas that Marta Torrejón headed to the crossbar on the brink of rest.

The goals came in the second act

The resumption brought with it the opening of the can by the Catalans. A center by Marta Torrejón from the right hand headed by Jenni Hermoso at the bottom of the tights. The Madrilenian he has wet in seven of the last eight games he has played (He has only stopped scoring against Hoffenheim in Germany). Shortly after, in full minutes of euphoria, Barça was able to increase its income, but Mariasun Quiñones put the mitt to clear a right hand from Patri Guijarro from the front to a corner after touching the crossbar.

The entrance to the field of Aitana Bonmatí and Lieke Martens gave another impulse to the Barcelona attack. From a foul caused by the first came the second local goal. A foul thrown by Alexia Putellas ended with a commotion inside the area that Jenni Hermoso took advantage of to, second, send the ball to the cage. The end of the party added another two targets to the local payroll. Claudia Pina made the third with a shot from the front that slipped through the squad and Aitana Bonmatí put the padlock resolving a team move within the area. Add and follow for the best team of the moment …

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