Tuesday, January 25

The next Battlefield could be a hero shooter, according to a well-known insider

It’s only been a few weeks since Battlefield 2042 was put up for sale, but That has not prevented new rumors from already appearing talking about the type of proposal that the next installment will offer us of this successful saga of first-person shooter games.

a hero shooter de Battlefield?

This time the leak comes from Tom Henderson, a known insider who in the past accurately advanced a lot of information about the series before it was officially revealed, who now ensures that the next Battlefield evening a hero shooter, that is, a title in the style of Overwatch O Apex Legends in which we control characters with their own unique abilities and characteristics. And yes, it would also have a mode battle royale.

As Henderson explains, the specialist system that has been introduced in Battlefield 2042 had the goal of being a touchstone when making the leap to the structure of a hero shooter. Of course, he also comments that these plans could change, since 2042 It underwent numerous changes from its initial concept until it finally hit stores, although he seems very convinced that this will be the direction the series will take in the future.

Battlefield 2042, the most recent delivery

Battlefield 2042 is out now on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4 and Xbox One. At analysis that we dedicate in Vandal We commented that “it is a compliant game that will be enjoyable for lovers of the saga but that it needs more time to be able to exploit its full potential, which, to this day, is far from its best level”. Of course, we also have the best guide in Spanish for the game, which you can consult by clicking on this link.


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