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Student asks his teacher to help him get a rare character from Genshin Impact to mid-class | Levelup

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Genshin Impact is a gacha, which means that to get rare characters you have to roll a roulette wheel and wait for fate to smile at you. A fellow from China didn’t want to feel all this responsibility on his shoulders, so he asked his teacher to do it for him, resulting in an epic moment.

Harry 华 ye, content creator from China, did a live broadcast on BililBili, a kind of YouTube from the Asian country. In it you can see that, in the middle of class, he asked a teacher to help him get Hu Tao, one of the rarest and most powerful characters in Genshin Impact.

The broadcast was on November 13, 10 days before Hu Tao returned to the vault of Genshin Impact and the players lost the opportunity to have it. Many users spent a lot to obtain them, as he is the best character in terms of damage per second. Unfortunately, many attempts were futile, as there was only a 0.6% chance of obtaining it.

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At this, Harry asked his teacher to give the gacha shot, to which he agreed. On the projector in the living room everyone could see how he pressed the button that started the gacha. Since at the beginning the star turned gold (which guarantees a 5-star character) almost the entire classroom lost its mind, except for 2 students who were as puzzled and confused as their teacher.

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But did he get Hu Tao? Unfortunately the fate of the teacher was not so great. In the end, the gacha gods blessed their student with Keqing, the most common 5-star character around. Genshin Impact. Luckily, the situation did not feel like a defeat and the moment was legendary and surely the whole room will remember it forever.

We leave you the video below:

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