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Still alive! The Last Night will return, but you’ll have to be patient | Levelup

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The Last Night It was revealed in June 2017 during the Xbox conference for E3. Since then, the cyberpunk adventure has enchanted gamers with its attractive visual style and interesting concept.

However, Odd Tales has been absent from major events for the past few years, so we haven’t seen anything else about indie. In 2018 it was confirmed that it was still in development and that we would be surprised when we see it again, which has not happened.

A trailer for the game was planned for The Game Awards 2018, so many are hoping that The Last Night reappear at this year’s event. Due to the rumors, its creator decided to speak on the subject and gave bittersweet news to the players.

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The Last Night still stands, but we won’t see it at TGA 2021

Odd Tales Games faced some legal issues years ago, which made it difficult to progress in the development of The Last Night. The situation is better today and in recent days we have had clues about his possible appearance in The Game Awards 2021.

Tim Soret, director of The Last Night and founder of Odd Tales Games, stressed that the project continues, so players should only wait to learn more about his proposal. However, they must be patient.

The creative stated that the presence of The Last Night in The Game Awards 2021 it is a rumor, because in reality its goal is to show the game until 2022. Due to this, it is not expected to have a trailer at the awards on December 9.

“This is just a rumor: The Last Night It will be shown next year, not before. In an era of crunch and over-mediation, I don’t intend to make any announcements at this time, especially given the pressure it would add to my small team, “said Soret.

The developer stated that their goal is to surprise players with the next reveal of the game in 2022. They also stated that they are taking all the time necessary to create each part of the title and fulfill their vision.

“We are building with confidence The Last Night brick by brick, taking our time to carefully design, document and implement every part of the game, from evolving our visual style for the next generation to designing dozens of accessibility options.

“What we know is that for the return of The Last Night in 2022, our mission is to surprise everyone by the strength and originality of our proposal “, concluded the creative.

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The Last Night It is in development for Xbox and PC consoles. We recommend you visit this link to learn more about the title.

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