Wednesday, June 29

Save big on Samsung monitors in this Cyber ​​Week deal

If you’ve gifted yourself some Cyber ​​Monday deals on games, why not buy a new monitor to play them too? There’s no better time than now as there are currently great Cyber ​​Week deals on several of the best gaming monitors.

For example, him The 49 ″ Odyssey Neo G9 is just $ 1,999 at Amazon now. That’s a huge savings of $ 500, and one of the best monitor deals We have seen.

The Odyssey Neo G9 G95NA gaming monitor is one of the best gaming monitors out there. While it tends to be very expensive, its performance is top-notch in all respects, making it worth the expense if you have a high-powered gaming rig.

This monitor syncs with your graphics card to prevent frame drops, minimizes eyestrain, and has an ultra-low input lag time of just 2ms. You can also adjust the position of the monitor (or it comes with accessories for wall mounting if you prefer).

On the less expensive side are the Samsung CRG9 and the Samsung SJ55W. Both are great play options, so choosing will be a matter of which size you prefer and how much you have to spend.

Not sure if one of these options is right for you? Check out our best monitor deals page for the latest savings.

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