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REPORT: Activision To Lay Off Raven Workers, CoD: Warzone Study | Levelup

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It seems that the great financial results of Activision-Blizzard augur bad news for its workers and it is that after it was revealed in the respective quarterly report that the income and profits were higher than those of the same period of 2020, the company took the decision to fire several workers from Raven Software, a study that supports in Call of Duty and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Activision celebrates financial records by laying off workers

According to information from Kotaku and Jason Schreier, journalist from Bloomberg, Activision-Blizzard prepares a wave of layoffs of quality control (Q&A) staff at Raven Software without knowing the reason so far. It all started when Austion O’Brien, Community Manager of Raven Software published on his Twitter account that the company surprisingly reported that several workers will be fired, a decision that surprised because, as O’Brien points out, for months that staff received promises of better contracts, salary increases and job stability.

According to reports, Activision-Blizzard will dedicate all of December, that is, the previous Christmas and New Years, to meet with each Raven Software employee and inform them if they will stay with the company or not, a decision that has already been criticized not only for its announcement. sudden, but because it is a company that continues to generate billions of dollars.

An estimated one-third of Raven’s Q&A staff will be out of work

On the other hand, sources point out that a third of Raven Software’s Q&A staff will be left without a job and those who keep it will receive a salary increase, going from $ 17 USD to $ 18.50 USD per hour and some productivity bonuses, but it has not been Nothing said about whether they will be offered a better contract.

The news has recalled that sad 2019 episode in which Activision laid off 800 Blizzard workers after his financial report in which a historical record in terms of income and earnings was presumed.

Finally, the information has ignited the spirits against Activision-Blizzard, which has been living for months in a hurricane of accusations of exploitation, harassment and labor abuse in a situation that has reached the point of generating uncertainty in US state treasuries that they have pension funds invested in the shares of the company.

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