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Phil Spencer: Today’s Microsoft Would Keep Bungie In Their Hands | Levelup

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After a fruitful alliance that resulted in Halo, Microsoft and Bungie parted ways in 2017, which undoubtedly turned the tide for the developer and Xbox. While the popular franchise still stands and will soon arrive Halo InfiniteMany wonder what would have happened if the companies had stayed together.

The doubt is also in the head of Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, who spoke briefly about the relationship that existed. The manager believes that Microsoft and Xbox learned a lot from this experience, which also marked the history of Bungie and the subsequent birth of Destiny.

Spencer spoke about the possibility that Microsoft at the time had retained Bungie at all costs. Although it was not possible, the Xbox manager believes that the situation would be very different now.

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Spencer thinks Microsoft and Xbox could work with Bungie

During a conversation with Axios, Spencer was questioned about the relationship between Microsoft, Xbox and Bungie. Apparently, the manager believes that the separation of the developer was somewhat inevitable in 2017.

Despite this, he thinks that things would work very differently today, saying that Microsoft would probably hang on to get their hands on the study. “Could we do it today? I think we could, ”Spencer commented.

On the other hand, he noted that he understands why the studio decided to disband back then. Spencer said that Bungie had very high ambitions and that at that time they were not exactly in their prime to have the future they wanted.

“At that time they had great ambitions. They had sold their business for a certain amount of money. They saw what it became Halo. And it’s like ‘ok, Microsoft benefited more than Bungie from the success of Halo‘. There is no other story that can be written there, “added Spencer.

Finally, the Xbox manager said that Bungie took risks and that he can understand it, especially since he was seeking the independence that he now has after also separating from Activision. Various sources claim that Microsoft has tried to buy Bungie on several occasions. Although the head of the study denied everything, other informants emphasize that there were some negotiations in past years.

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