Wednesday, August 17

Paz Padilla and the money she has in the bank: “If Broncano invites me …”

LThe questions about the money that the guests have in the bank are a classic of the program ‘The resistance’, conducted by David broncano. Beln Esteban passed through space and answered this question, stating that he had between 40,000 and 100,000 euros in his account.

Following the statements of Beln Esteban, the companions of ‘Slvame’ they have asked the presenter, Paz Padilla, the figure that you have in your bank. “With the bags and everything I do, I am stiffer than a wet,” he has asserted.

Paz Padilla She explained that she is immersed in different professional projects, such as a fashion store with her daughter Anna, and that is why it is difficult to give an exact figure: “This is a give and take. Entrepreneurs have to invest and then recover.”

In any case, Paz Padilla you have promised to answer precisely this if you sit on the sofa in ‘The resistance’. “If Broncano invites me to his program, I will tell him,” he commented.

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