Thursday, January 20

Panic spreads over false COVID-19 outbreak at VALORANT Champions | Levelup

This morning, the community of VALORANT woke up to the news that an alleged COVID – 19 outbreak had occurred at the Berlin World Cup. A few hours later, Riot Games went out to turn off the alarms and assured that the situation is already under control.

During the 4th day of the VALORANT Champions, some people commented on Twitter that there was panic among the tournament participants because several players tested positive. Apparently many people had been in contact with them and the fear of having to quarantine in Germany without being able to return home was spreading.

A couple of players had already tested positive before the event so they were immediately isolated; However, this week the infection rate soared in the German capital. Consequently, when the rumor began to spread that there were several more infected players, the assistants assumed the worst.

Fortunately, Riot took action on the matter, explaining that there is nothing to fear: “The health and safety of the VALORANT Champions players and staff is our highest priority,” the company said in a statement.

“As a precaution, all participants should have a rapid antigen test and also 2 weekly PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests. During the antigen tests, several players gave positive results, ”he continued.

“After applying CPR tests, more reliable and confirmed in a laboratory, all the players gave negative results and will be free to continue competing. In addition, the same players also gave negative results in the CPR tests yesterday, “he concluded.

Thus, it seems that everything was a false alarm and the tournament will be able to continue its course in a normal way.

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