Tuesday, August 16

Nobody Saves The World dates its demo • Console and Dashboard

The demo of Nobody Saves The World Is falling. Drinkbox Studios (Guacamelee!) date on December 7 the premiere of this show. It will be available for a limited time on PC (Steam), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.


As its creators point out, the demo will allow us to enter the experience for a few hours. It can be enjoyed alone or in the company of a friend, thanks to its online support (within the same platform).

For the premiere of the game we will have to wait for something else, since it is set for early 2022, on the same platforms. As we knew in his presentation, we are facing an adventure marked by changing forms, with their abilities.

Thus, we will become slug, ghost, rat, robot and even dragon, overcoming constantly changing dungeons. Following the essence of a Action RPG, we will customize forms to take advantage of them. No less important will be to complete the missions proposed by the strange characters we come across. It will offer a Game + mode, with more powerful enemies. As in the demo, it will have an online cooperative.


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