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LoL will change how mission points are earned | Levelup

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Riot Games announced that the point system for missions of League of Legends will change soon. Starting with the Galante event, which begins on December 9, players will no longer earn points depending on how many games they play, but on how long they play.

“This modification will not change your experience much,” explained the study on its official blog, “since it is designed to be as similar as possible to the current system. Also, quests that are based on specific objectives such as Kill 600 minions have not been changed. ”

In general, the objectives of certain missions were modified based on the duration of an average game, that is, 30 minutes. For example, with the Weekly Victories mission, Summoners will receive 4 points per minute if they lose the game or 6 points per minute if they are victorious.

These are the changes of the missions in normal games

  • Weekly Win Missions: Earn 40 points, Victory = 5 points | Defeat = 2 points -> Earn 1650 points playing and winning games. Earn 4 points per minute played or 6 points per minute played if you win (250 Piece Reward)
  • Orb Missions: Play 30 Matches -> Earn 4500 Points (1 Event Orb Reward + 40 Pieces)
  • Stackable pieces missions: Play a game (Reward of 2-10 Pieces, depending on the game mode and victory / defeat) -> Earn 400 points (Reward of 20 Pieces)

According to Riot, the change is due to some missions not considering players’ time or incentivizing them to play the shortest games or modes available.

In other words, there were people who accumulated points in TFT or pieces in ARAM as quickly as possible in order to get the rewards. Now, the objective that the missions focused on the experience of LoL.

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