Thursday, May 26

Leticia Sabater: “My video clip is used in an American medical university to study the human body”

Leticia Sabater yes warm up engines for what is coming. The Christmas. And as always the presenter and now a singer has taken out her new single. Behind him he leaves the traditional Christmas carols and climbs to the rhythm of the music.

His new job is already giving a lot to talk about. ‘My life is Ma’ already exceeds 170,000 views and ensures that it has closed concerts and bowling until November 2022. In it Sabater appears disguised as various characters and has left his particular pearls in an interview he has granted to the portal FrmulaTV.

“My video clip is being used at an American medical college to study the human body”It is one of those Leticia Sabater phrases that make an impact as soon as you listen. While adding. “I don’t do drugs, but my video clip is a reflection of what happens when you do”.

In fact, add: “My life is ma (La mari) ‘is a protest issue with which everyone can identify.” And he explained that most of the songs “resemble others, but mine has a very current reference.”

Sabater pointed out that he has not registered for the Benidorm Fest “because I do not feel like submitting to a preselection. The show that he will do at Eurovision has never been done, with an American staging.”

The now singer has indicated: “I would like very much to participate in ‘Big Brother VIP’ and ‘Your face sounds familiar to me.’ People will be very surprised with me in ‘Your face sounds familiar to me. I would love to be able to fall in love in ‘GH VIP’ “.

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