Monday, August 8

Ivonne Reyes insists: “Pepe Navarro knows that he is the father, in private we talk about our son”

Ivonne reyes has criticized the attitude of Pepe navarro on ‘Sbado Deluxe’ in which he affirmed that he was not Alexander’s father. Asked in ‘Live life’ For this matter, he regretted that the presenter polemicized with this topic: “Here there is a desire to want to get tangled up, everyone is free to do whatever they want.”

In any case, Ivonne reyes has maintained that there are no doubts about the paternity of Alejandro: “Pepe navarro it is clearer than you think. He knows perfectly well that it is him and there is no one else. The conversations we have had between the two of us are different. “

In fact, the mother has gone further and has ensured that when they are alone, away from the media, the reaction of Pepe navarro it is very different. “In privacy we have talked about our son,” he added in statements to the aforementioned television program.

On a personal level, Ivonne reyes has revealed that she feels emotionally strong to face this situation: “There are many years of psychologists and one knows how to put the points on the is and do a work of introspection. I am very surprised and very happy with myself of the inner work that I have done when they see things from another perspective. “

For now, Reyes she prefers to be relatively far from the cameras and does not plan to hold a more extensive public appearance. In any case, you don’t rule it out entirely and it seems like

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