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How to watch YouTube TV on Apple TV

One of our biggest reservations in recommending YouTube TV was its limited support on hardware devices, as users previously had to have a Chromecast-enabled TV (either plugged-in or on-board) to view it on their larger screens. And luckily, a new app means you no longer need to use the AirPlay solution to stream the service to an Apple TV through your iOS app.

(Image credit: Our honor to Marshall to test the YouTube TV service before it got AirPlay support. Photo credit: Jeremy Lips / Tom’s Guide)

Yes, thanks to the YouTube TV launch of an Apple TV app on February 1, 2018, YouTube TV live content (and recorded by Cloud DVR) can now be viewed in that over-the-top box without forcing yourself. to overcome obstacles. Here’s how to get it.

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1. Turn on your Apple TV and head to the App Store. It’s the blue icon with the sticks in the shape of an “A”.

2. As of this writing, YouTube TV is easy to find. (Check out that big black banner ad). But assuming the app is harder to find, use remote control to scroll to search option at the far right of the App Store menu and click Search.

3. You can use the remote control to select letters that spell “YouTube TV” but pressing and holding the microphone button on the remote and saying “YouTube TV” it works just as easily.

4. YouTube TV will appear among your search results. Select the application with your remote control.

5. On the next screen, select Get.

6. You will be asked to confirm your download and you may be asked to enter your Apple ID password.

7. Open the app once it is downloaded.

8. You can now log into YouTube TV if you are already a member, or you can choose to start your 7-day free trial. If you choose that second option, YouTube TV will prompt you to set up the mobile app on your phone. If you are already registered with YouTube TV, you can proceed to Step 13.

9. On your iPhone, go to the App Store and search for YouTube TV. Because the app was downloaded when you added it to your Apple TV, you will only need select Open.

10. Select Try it now, and then select the Google account you want to link to YouTube TV.

11. YouTube TV will ask you to confirm your location. This is so the service knows which local channels to make available to it.

12. You will get a list of the channels you will receive and have the option to add additional channels for an additional fee. Click Next to skip.

13. To activate YouTube TV on your Apple TV, you must go to in a browser on your phone or computer.

14. From that website, after logging into your Google account, enter the confirmation code displayed on your TV.

YouTube TV is now available through your Apple TV without having to use AirPlay.

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