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Gunfire Reborn Inscriptions: How to Get Gemini Inscriptions, Upgrades, and More

Gunfire Reborn’s Gemini inscriptions are among the most powerful in the game, but the creature shooter is happy to let you discover them yourself for the most part.

It will be some time before you can get the Gemini inscriptions, and even then, you will likely have to shell out some gold to make them work.

How do Gunfire Reborn inscriptions work?

Inscriptions are random bonuses attached to each weapon, modifying stats or adding special effects. They come in different rarities, though you’ll only have access to the best after reaching level 10 and unlocking the Exclusive Inscriptions weapon talent.

Gemini Inscriptions are the highest tier, and in addition to offering better stat boosts than other Inscriptions, they often allow you to combine items into weapons for even greater damage potential. However, the path to achieving them is not always clear.

How to get Gemini Inscriptions in Gunfire Reborn

Gemini inscriptions only appear on +5 weapons, which only start to drop after defeating the second boss. However, there is an alternative solution. If you have a +3 weapon with four inscriptions, you can take it to the craftsman to get a new one, and it will automatically be a Gemini. As with other inscriptions, the Gemini inscription you get is random. However, the Craftsman saves the day here too, as you can pay for gold to exchange Inscriptions.

That’s important because for most Gemini inscriptions to work, you need to have matching inscriptions on your weapons. Otherwise they remain grayed out and don’t add bonuses.

How to update the inscriptions in Gunfire Reborn

You are stuck with all the Inscriptions your weapon has for the most part, until you are lucky enough to come across a peculiar Chest. These are randomly generated, but give you a choice: upgrade an enrollment from normal to rare, or risk repeating enrollments and potentially get worse bonuses than you already had.

If you’re feeling lucky or have a lot of Inscriptions that aren’t helpful, the second option is worth trying. Avoid it once you have legendary and higher inscriptions as there is no point risking that.

You can also spend money at Craftsman to get new enrollments. The Legendary Craftsman allows you to add a new inscription, and if the weapon is +5 or higher without an existing Gemini inscription, the new one will automatically be a Gemini. For 300 gold, the crafter will swap an existing Gemini Inscription for a different one, which is ideal if you’re trying to activate them on your current weapons.

You’ll want to combine your upgraded Gunfire Reborn weapons with a strong character, and our Tao Building Guide and Qian Sui Building Guide will help you do just that. Only the best will see you through Gunfire’s latest challenge, Reincarnation mode.


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