Tuesday, August 16

Day 15 of the First RFEF live: Matches and results

LThe 15th day of the First RFEF is marked by what happened in the Copa del Rey where 14 teams in this category are still in competition after overcoming the first round: Deportivo, Majadahonda, Unionistas, Cultural, Sanse, Talavera and Zamora (group 1). Balearic Islands, Albacete, Alcoyano, Andorra, Castellón, Sanluqueño and Linares (group 2).

GROUP 1 (15th day)

  • Estremadura 0-0 Zamora (1st Part)
  • Talavera 0-0 DUX International (Part 1)
  • Racing Ferrol – Deportivo (Saturday 7 pm)
  • SD Logroñés – Calahorra (Saturday 7:00 p.m.)
  • Bilbao Athletic – Badajoz (Sunday 12 noon)
  • Valladolid Promises – Racing (Sunday 12.00 hours)
  • Tudelano – Real Unión (Sunday 12 noon)
  • Unionistas – SS Reyes (Sunday 4:00 p.m.)
  • Cultural – Celta B (Sunday 5:00 p.m.)
  • Majadahonda – UD Logroñés (Sunday 5:00 p.m.)

Classification group 1

GROUP 2 (15th day)

  • Costa Brava – Sabadell (postponed)
  • Betis Deportivo – Linares (Saturday 7:00 p.m.)
  • San Fernando – UCAM Murcia (Saturday 7:00 p.m.)
  • Albacete – Alcoyano (Saturday 7:00 p.m.)
  • Castilla – Castellón (Sunday 12.00 hours)
  • Algeciras – Sanluqueño (Sunday 12 noon)
  • Balearic Islands – Sevilla Atlético (Sunday 12 noon)
  • Andorra – Linense (Sunday 17.00 hours)
  • Villarreal B – Barcelona B (Sunday 5:00 p.m.)
  • Cornellà – Nàstic (Sunday 7 pm)

Classification group 2


Minute 35. The visitor Mancebo finished off a play previously canceled for offside on goal.

Minute 16. First arrival of the DUX. Great play by Pitu who assists Bonaldo inside the area, but the ‘6’ does not arrive for the auction.

Minute 13. Marcos Bravo takes a ball at the far post that is about to be the first for Talavera.

Minute 8. Pichín had it. His header into the area was cleared by Yelco, the DUX goal.

Talavera live moments of happiness after learning that Betis will visit El Prado in the second round of the Cup. To receive the DUX, the coach Victor Cea puts the next eleven into the fray.

The DUX was eliminated in the Copa del Rey by a lower category team, Mancha Real, and they arrive in Talavera with good numbers away from home with two wins and a draw in their last three outings. Alfredo Santaelena lay out the next eleven.

Zamora is aware that the cup duel with which they will star in the First RFEF has nothing to do. Yago Iglesias starts with the next eleven.

Extremadura and Zamora meet again at the Francisco de la Hera, repeating the duel they held in the Copa del Rey last Wednesday and which ended with a clear visitor victory (1-4). Manuel Mosquera puts the next eleven in the local team at stake.


Sabadell will not play the game against Costa Brava in Palamós or next week against Betis B at Nova Creu Alta. Everything for coronavirus outbreak that has the staff of the harlequinado set that has gone from 3 to 7 affected between yesterday and today. A little over three hours after the start of the game, and with a good part of the fans already in Palamós, the postponement by the RFEF has been definitively confirmed.


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