Thursday, May 26

Coque López is proclaimed together with Toyota world champion of Gran Turismo Sport

This weekend the finals of the Gran Turismo Championships 2021 in which the best virtual pilots of the Polyphony Digital video game Gran Turismo Sport for PlayStation consoles meet.

In fact, a few minutes ago the modality has concluded Manufacturer Series (team competition) in which Coque Lpez has proclaimed itself together with Toyota, as Champion of the World, being the first time that a Spanish pilot climbs to the top of the podium in a world final since the creation of this competition that has the support of the International Federation of
Automvil (FIA).

Coque was in charge of defending Toyota’s interests during the first of the final races starting from pole and dominating the heat from beginning to end, finishing in first position and awarding some key points for his team that his teammates, Tomoaki Yamanaka and Igor Fraga, who have managed to score enough points in the other races to win the manufacturers title.

Also in This final also participated another Spaniard, Jos Serrano, who defended the Porsche squad in the first round, remaining in second position behind, precisely, Coque Lpez.

Maana tendr lugar la Nations Cup

After deciding the team competition, Tomorrow Sunday will put the finishing touch to the 2021 season of the FIA ​​Gran Turismo
with the celebration of the great final of the Nations Cup, the competition in which the pilots compete individually.

In this case Spain will have the representation of Jos Serrano, Coque Lpez and Nico Romero seeking the achievement of the title of World Champion of Gran Turismo. If you want you can continue this final doing click here.

What do you think of the importance that sim racing championships are gaining in international electronic sports competitions?

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