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BioShock 4 would take place in a fictional city in Antarctica, according to rumors

“There is always a lighthouse, there is always a city, there is always a man.” With these words, BioShock Infinite defined for us what this acclaimed saga of first-person shooter games in which the narrative is so important really is. As many of you will know, there is already a fourth installment in development, although this time it will not be developed by Irrational Games or directed by Ken Levine, its creator, but will be the responsibility of the new studio Cloud Chamber, made up of veterans of the license.

A city in Antarctica

To this day we do not know what this BioShock 4 (the latest rumors indicate that the name would be BioShock Isolation), although the journalist Colin Moriarty He has ensured that he has obtained privileged information about this new adventure and that he already knows what the setting in which the game will take place will be.

As revealed in a video for his Patreon subscribers, BioShock 4 will take place in a fictional city of Antarctica during the 1960s, information that is also corroborated by the VGC medium. In addition, he also comments that the title will be narratively linked to previous installments and that they intend to release it sometime in 2022, despite the fact that nothing has been seen about it yet.

It takes place in a 60’s Antarctic city called Borealis“said Moriarty.” Internally the game is being carried on with a lot of secrecy. Apparently, this is because they know that it is going to be compared to BioShock that Ken Levine did. And by the way, Take-Two will also publish Levine’s next game. “

A new Bioshock created by veterans of the saga

2K Games announced in late 2019 that they were already working on a new installment of BioShock and that its development will take several years. Among its developers are some very important figures in the series, such as Jonathan Pelling, the designer of the first BioShock who now serves as design director or Scott Sinclair, the art director of BioShock and BioShock Infinite, who returns to repeat position.

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