Wednesday, August 17

Treasures of the Aegean physical edition now available

Numskull Games has announced that the collector’s edition in physical format of the Spanish development Treasures of the Aegean ya is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. This version includes, in addition to a physical copy, a cloth map for navigation, the original soundtrack for your own themed music and an art book with comic.

Treasures of the Aegean allows us to explore a comic book-inspired, hand-drawn non-linear open world, where we will recover valuable relics on a lost island. In each cycle new clues will be found to complete an ancient prophecy. Solve the riddles and mysteries that angered the ancient gods on your quest to prevent history from repeating itself forever.

“Hidden in the depths for several millennia, the island of Thera is full of historical treasures to collect and mysteries to unravel,” says the Undercoders team. “Discover a lost Minoan citadel, make your way through a sunken Ottoman fleet, and open the gates of an underground palace as you uncover details about the people who lived there and their tragic fate. Take advantage of a glitch in time to get information in a persistent map and Solve the key puzzles before the world explodes and the loop restarts“.

2D platforms and puzzles

Treasures of the Aegean is an interesting platform that collects several ideas seen in recent years to transfer them to a genre as hackneyed as 2D platforms to give a game at least with personality “, we have in the analysis. “Not only for its visual aspect, the soundtrack or the theme, but also in a gameplay that fuses parkour movements with aspects of roguelike and puzzle adventures. “

Treasures of the Aegean versi

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