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The new season of Sea of ​​Thieves lets you share your riches | Levelup

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We get interesting news for all fans of Sea of Thieves, since the new season of the game will allow you to bury treasures so that other gamers can find them with a map made with your instructions.

The Rare title has just premiered its season 5 and all the news that it brought with it are still known. Some of them are new animations for sitting or sleeping, inclusion of fireworks, sparklers and the possibility of whispering with the speaking trumpet.

Who says a pirate can’t share his profits?

However, if you are one of those who spend your time looting islands and fighting intense battles against ocean creatures, but you still have a generous person inside you, now you can create treasure maps and bury some chests to be found by others. users.

All you have to do is hide a treasure chest, create a map that leads to it, and post it on a quest board so that anyone else can take the quest. If he succeeds, you will receive additional recognition for being such a generous person.

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We remind you that this new season of Sea of Thieves It was launched on December 2 and is completely free for all owners of the game or for those who have a subscription in Xbox Game Pass.

What kind of treasure will you offer to be found by another player? Tell us in the comments.

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