Friday, September 30

The Last of Us remake hinted at in a PlayStation job offer

The rumors about the remake Of the first The Last of Us sound again with force thanks to a new offer published on LinkedIn by PlayStation itself (va Gaming Bolt). At the beginning of April of this same year, several rumors pointed to the development of a remake of the award-winning title Naughty Dog by PlayStation Visual Arts, although it is said that finally It was the Californian studio that ended up taking over the reins of the project and Visual Arts was referred to a support role. At the moment, the remake It has not been confirmed by Sony itself, although this could have been hinted at in the offer that we are commenting on.

The job advertisement posted on LinkedIn indicates that PlayStation is actively looking for a video game technical designer to join the ranks of PlayStation Visual Arts. According to the offer, the game that the studio is developing requires different knowledge such as knowing “implement existing gaming systems in a new framework” or “enhance existing tier scripts for better interaction and engagement.” In addition, the offer also indicates that the game requires “maintenance of game systems such as: close combat, ranged combat, game cameras, player navigation, etc”.

A remake designed from scratch for PS5

The description of the job offer seems to indicate that from PlayStation Visual Arts they are looking for staff to update the an existing game. Some details such as the mention of close combat and ranged combat could hint that, indeed, the study is immersed in the development of the remake from The Last of Us for PlayStation 5 as the rumors of this year indicated. Of course, we must take this information with a grain of salt since it could be another project, although suspicions only increase. According to the first leak, the remake is being developed exclusively for PS5 in order to get the most out of the next generation.

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