Tuesday, September 27

The Invincible shows a first volume of its chronicles • Console and Table

The Invincible begins its development chronicles, in video format, with a first volume. In almost three minutes, those in charge show some interesting images, accompanied by anecdotes and explanations of their universe.


This retro-futuristic, science fiction proposal will use the first person. We will wake up on a hostile planet, with the now classic mission of rescuing the ship’s crew.

As we fight for survival, we will unveil some of the secrets of Regis III, the planet on which we find ourselves. We will be accompanied by cunning, instincts and a advanced space equipment. They should be sufficient to cope with a hostile environment …

We will understand that there are places that it is advisable not to tread, although, perhaps, when we know it it will already be too late. It will be in 2022 when this story will see the light of day on PC and consoles. It is run by Starward Industries.


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