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Techland presents the improvements it made to Dying Light 2 with this extensive gameplay | Levelup

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A few days ago, Techland confirmed that the main development of Dying Light 2: Stay Human It was already completed, but that was not all the good news, as the Polish company had prepared a new presentation with gameplay of the game that shows a good part of an adventure mission, which exposes the improvements that the project received.

Techland today conducted Episode 5 of the development update series for Dying Light 2: Stay Human And I take this opportunity to share the feedback you received from a recent trial period in various regions of the world, such as Japan, the United States, and Russia. Players had the opportunity to test the latest version of the game and, according to Techland, they loved the results.

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New gameplay shows the combat and history of Dying Light 2

That’s not all, as we told you, Techland took advantage of the transmission to show the mission A Place To Call Home, which shows how the story and the interaction between the characters will be, in addition to the combats against the enemies.

Specifically, in the mission, Aiden can be seen making his way into the City to restore power to the place. If you are waiting for this title, we recommend you check the video, as they are more than 15 minutes long and it also presents the mechanics of exploration and movement in the City, in conjunction with the new parkour abilities.

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At the end of the broadcast, Techland’s 30th anniversary is celebrated, with fans celebrating by giving away copies of their games. Crime Cities and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger via GOG and Steam, respectively, this week on GOG and the next on Steam. Here is the video of the event.

In case you missed it: Dying Light 2: Stay Human is coming to the Nintendo Switch thanks to the power of the cloud.

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Dying Light 2 It will debut on February 4, 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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